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Convert your photos into artistic illustrations! Recreate a similar style of interior artwork from the old pulp
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3 April 2011

Editor's review

Are you fond of the task of digitally editing/modifying images, giving them a unique and personal touch while still maintaining the artistic or emotional touch attached to it? Do you want to find out where your inner creativity leads you to while pursing this hobby? Well, then Pulp Styler 1.2 is one product that you can not afford to overlook. It has already emerged as a pretty popular tool amongst users from all over the world- both professionals as well as amateur users who likes to mess around with their digital image collection just for fun. The software enables you to modify your pictures by giving the look of comics or old pulp magazines. Also, Cybia Software`s decision to keep the price of the software within a pretty affordable range has helped to enhance its popularity even further.

Pulp Styler 1.2 comes equipped with a pretty attractive user interface in dark shade, and with all the major controls and settings located at the top end of the application window. It easy to use- just click at the OPEN button to import an image on your hard drive, and then add the color or effects of your preference from the box in between the AUTO ENHANCE and OPACITY options. The software works best with all types of digital images and 3D renders. Use the AUTO ENHANCE feature to improve the quality of any underexposed image. The output file can be saved in .jpg, .gif, .bp, .tif .tga. formats along with a wide range of other formats. In the demo version of the software, the output image will feature a watermarked logo which you can get rid of by purchasing the full version.

To conclude with, Pulp Styler 1.2 is a pretty handy tool that ensures you a robust and reliable performance every time, thus making it a deserving candidate for four-and-a-half rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

Convert your photos into artistic illustrations! Recreate a similar style of interior artwork from the old pulp magazines and comics, when images were often quite basic and crudely reproduced. Pulp Styler produces a rough block-printed effect in black-on-white and there are 13 different variations on the effect. You can view and save the outline layer, the shading layer, or the final black & white composite image. Plus you can overlay the original picture in colour or greyscale, tint the image with a pale colour wash or soft vivid airbrush effect, or use the flat colour cartoon style.
Works best with photographs or 3D renders which have a good balance of light and shadow. Avoid using images which have gradients or heavily textured areas in the mid-tones, as the outline conversion will pick up on this and create too dense a pattern in that area.
Use the "Auto-Enhance" option to boost underexposed pictures. This will usually result in extra detail on the final black and white image.
Load and save *.jpg, *.png, *.gif, *.tif, *.pcx, *.bmp and *.tga formats.
Pulp Styler is a very simple automatic conversion software. Although the results can be used as final images in many cases, you may want to take these into your image-editing application (not included) for further editing later.
The demo version places a watermark text over the final image. This restriction is not in the full version.
Pulp Styler
Pulp Styler
Version 1.2
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